Tarot Readings

Are you at a crossroad right now in life?

Making the next decision, the one that you know will change everything, probably scares the shit out of you.

You are so deeply conflicted on which way to go, however your intuition is trying to clue you in on what the next step is. You consider yourself spiritual and intuitive, but this crossroad has really blurred the lines for you.

So what do you do?

You can either:

A: Try to figure it out yourself.

You might even be able to do a tarot reading for yourself. However, your own general bias about the crossroad comes into play and skews your results. And you end up even more confused and stay at your crossroad longer…

Or B: Seek guidance from an outside source.

Tarot reading is more than a “party trick” when done by the right person. When you work with a gifted and honest tarot reader, you receive so much more than a “reading.” You have someone to go to Spirit on your behalf, pray for you, intercede, and provide you with guidance, some coaching, direction, and an action plan.

Tarot Readings can help you sort out any areas of stress, make informed decisions, and give you perspective of what’s to come.

If you’ve ever wondered how a tarot reader could help you during this crossroad, then let’s chat. I offer tarot reading for multiple situations and can help guide you through your crossroad.

Currently Offering PDF Delivery of Tarot Readings

You will receive a PDF write-up of your tarot reading including high resolution images of your cards.

Client Breakthroughs

Had my first tarot reading for my business! It was spot on and helped provide some much needed clarity. Anissa made me feel very comfortable and made sure to answer all my questions about the reading. I also got a nice PDF with pics of the cards and explanations of each so I can refer back to it. This was a great experience and I would recommend Anissa to anyone!

Heather Sue Cribb

Business Owner, Silver Sky Organics

“Words cannot describe the energy I received through my wheel of the year reading with Anissa!! She did a full spread for me on each of the months leading up to January 2020 for my business. Every card was explained so fully and I felt all the work and energy she put into it. My reading was spot on and intuitively felt like the divine guidance I was looking for. She even adds her touch of spiritual coaching into the reading to show you what’s possibly and to fully understand the meanings and messages coming through. I’m so excited to see all the things she shared manifest throughout this year! Absolutely love Anissa and know that anyone who gets to experience her amazing work will too!”

Heaven Griffin

Business Coach, Heaven Griffin

“I recently needed guidance and confirmation and if there is anywhere I can go it’s to Anissa. Anissa is a true goddess and strives to help others in any way she can. Her readings are spot on and help give me clarity. I recommend her to any and everyone.”

Desiree Thomas

Founder & Artistic Director, Mindful Arts Dance Academy

“Anissa is an incredible gift. Her insight and connection with spirit combined with a very practical action plan have really helped me to gain more clarity and focus in my business.

Tina Devine

CEO & Manifestation Coach, Abraham Chicks

Anissa provided me with my first ever tarot reading. Her transparency and inviting nature made me feel totally at ease. My reading gave me a ton of clarity and confidence, I think of it often when I start to doubt myself. Anissa prefaced our session by confirming that nothing is set in stone and things can be altered, but I’m confident I know my path if I continue in the way I have been moving. Thank you so much!

Sarah Faye Ward

Business Owner | Photographer, Carolina Noir Photography

“Before working with Anissa, I was confused about how to accelerate the pace of my business growth. After working with Anissa, I learned exactly what needed to happen in my personal life in order for my business to explode. The busienss tarot reading allowed me to find acceptance that I was on the right path. It also allowed me to be patient as I implemented some of the truths that she revealed to me. Working with Anissa is like getting your own personal wing woman. Someone who helps take life’s burdens off your shoulder so you can soar.”

Cassandra Finch

Nutrition Expert, Plant Power U

“It’s super easy and fun to work with Anissa. She has a calming spirit that gives me a sense of belief and trust in myself as well as Spirit. She is really motivating and when working with her, you get a sense of relief because she is so genuine and truly CARES!

Getting a business tarot reading from Anissa has always been high on my list and I felt truly privileged! Everything was so accurate and she made sure to thoroughly explain each card and how it played a role in my business life. When I turned to Anissa, I knew that I needed some answers and she delivered way more than that! ? I finally got some clarity, guidance and a confidence boost – to know that I am on the right path and I just need to trust through it all ??

I have a sense of relief because of Anissa and I’m so excited to see all the exciting things come to life from this reading. 

Thank you for sharing your gift with the world, Anissa ❤️”

Stephanie Okkers

Founder & Virtual Assistant, So Virtual

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