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Year at a Glance Tarot Reading

At any time in our lives we have to play for what’s ahead. Whether you’re setting intentions for the new year or your birthday, the Year at a Glance reading will give you an outlook of what to expect and provide you with an action plan! You will receive distance crystal and energy healing while this reading is being completed.

Please know that the tools that are used can be used at any time as well. Take these with you as you continue on in your spiritual journey.

This will be a 24 card spread that will help guide you on what to expect for the upcoming year and how to plan accordingly. There will be note pages throughout for you to write goals for each month!

***I only have limited slots so booking early is usually best. :-)

You will receive a PDF with images of your cards and explanation of your reading.

I currently do not provide readings for health or legal issues. Please consult with a healthcare or legal professional for anything pertaining to these issues.

I am acting solely upon the will of the Spirit. Your reading is YOURS. You can do with it what you will and make the appropriate decisions as such. However, I cannot be held liable for any decisions you make based upon your reading.

If you feel compelled to change your question/focus please send an e-mail to to see if your question/focus can be changed. If the reading has already taken place, a second reading would have to be ordered for another question.

Tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only.

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