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The “CFO” Money Drawing Condition Oil

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The CFO of our lives helps us earn, keep, and manage our finances. They help bring us success in our endeavors! The money LANDS in your hands so long as you work toward your goals with this oil.

This oil specifically relates to the 2nd house of Astrology and the planet Jupiter. 

This oil is great for candle dressings, diffusing, or topically. I personally like to rub some on my hands before doing money generating work. Like show me the money!!

This oil is infused with a proprietary blend of herbs and citrine and green aventurine crystals.

This oil comes as a 10ml roller ball bottle or 1oz corked jar. Our roller ball bottle has an amethyst ball for an additional boost in your workings.

Proprietary blend ingredients: 

Olive oil base, cinnamon bark, mint, sweet basil, bay leaf and 24k gold flakes.


This blend is NOT for consumption. It is magickal in nature and the results depend on how you use the oil. Your energy matters! Results are not guaranteed.

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