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The “Anointed One” Spiritual Enhancement Oil

The Anointed One helps us grow and enhance our spiritual practices. We all have gifts inside that we can nurture and grow. This Spiritual Enhancement is meant to work with you while doing your spiritual workings, meditations, and rituals.

This oil specifically relates to the 12th house of Astrology and the planet Neptune.

This oil is great for anointing spiritual tools, candle dressings, diffusing, or topically.

This oil is infused with a proprietary blend of herbs and amethyst and labradorite crystals.

This oil comes as a 10ml roller ball bottle or 1oz corked jar. Our roller ball bottle has an amethyst ball for an additional boost in your workings.

Proprietary blend ingredients: 

Olive oil base, hyssop, lemongrass, holy basil (tulsi), chopped bay, frankincense/benzoin powder, lavender essential oil, sterling silver flakes


This blend is NOT for consumption. It is magickal in nature and the results depend on how you use the oil. Your energy matters! Results are not guaranteed.

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