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Selenite 5.5" Charging Station

Selenite is the go-to crystal for cleansing. You can use selenite to cleanse crystals, altar tools, and other metaphysical products. Selenite Charging Stations are often used when crystals or tools are placed upon the selenite for charging.

Our selenite charging stations are smooth and polished, so that it is a smooth and even surface to rest objects on. Did you know that you can also use selenite to cleanse your aura and energy? It is a great replacement for sage if you do not wish to use smoke related products.

The Selenite Charging Station is 5.5 inches long, 1.25 inches wide, and about an .5 inch thick. It weighs almost 5oz too!

Please note that crystals are naturally occurring objects, even when polished, so size and surface may vary.

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