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Past Life Reading

A Past-Life Reading will help you learn more about your past life and how it may be affecting you now. It will answer the following questions:
1. Who were you?
2. What was your pleasure?
3. What was your disappointment?
4. What is your unfinished business?
5. What advice does your past life have for you now?

I am so happy you are here and seeking guidance! Tarot readings are a great way to receive insight from Spirit and your Ancestors. All of my tarot readings include distance crystal healing with an explanation of the crystals used.

The process is as followed:
1. After you purchase your tarot reading, you will receive an email confirmation.
2. Within 3-5 business days of your purchase, I will complete your reading and send you a PDF write up of your reading. You have the option of purchasing a RUSH UPGRADE if you'd like to have your reading within 1-3 business days.
3. This PDF will include images of your cards and crystals used, along with the guidance from Spirit.

If you have follow up questions on your reading, you can always book a follow-up video call with me!