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New & Full Moon Readings

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Harnessing the New and Full Moons are a great way to get an added boost to your tarot readings. 

A New Moon reading will help you check in and gain clarity around your intentions and what to focus on. It will answer the following questions:
1. Where am I at now?
2. Where do I want to be?
3. Habits and strengths to develop and nurture.
4. Relationships to develop and nurture.
5. Knowledge and skills to learn or improve.

A Full Moon reading will help you check in and gain clarity on what you need to release. It will answer the following questions:
1. Where I am at now.
2. Things from the past I am clinging to.
3. Expectations for the future I am clinging to.
4. Habits or behaviors holding me back.
5. Relationship boundaries to set.
6. What needs to be released?

**Please note that New/Full Moon readings must be booked within 3 days before of the New/Full Moon to capture its energy. If it is not, then your reading will be rescheduled to the next New/Full Moon. You can find the next New/Full Moon by following this link:**

***I only have limited slots so booking early is usually best. :-)

You will receive a PDF with images of your cards and explanation of your reading.

I currently do not provide readings for health or legal issues. Please consult with a healthcare or legal professional for anything pertaining to these issues.

I am acting solely upon the will of the Spirit. Your reading is YOURS. You can do with it what you will and make the appropriate decisions as such. However, I cannot be held liable for any decisions you make based upon your reading.

If you feel compelled to change your question/focus please send an e-mail to to see if your question/focus can be changed. If the reading has already taken place, a second reading would have to be ordered for another question.

Tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only.

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