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Event Planning Astrology Report

You have an event that you need to plan but want to make sure it'll go off with a bang. You are a believer that the stars and cosmos can help you with figuring out the perfect date. So now you're here, looking for some guidance!

With Event Planning Astrology Reports, you get a detailed report on approximate dates that will be good for your event and why those dates are important. Event Planning Astrology Reports are good for all types of events such as: weddings, product releases, course launches, business openings, parties, conferences, etc. You've got an event that needs planning and astrology reports can help!

You have the option to choose between 30, 60, or 90 day ranges.

  • If you have a good idea of the month, go with the 30 day!
  • If you need to look at a quarter, go with 90 day.
  • Need something in between, 60 day is your bet!

Let's not do too wide a date range though. You'll end up overthinking the process!

Event Planning takes time. Doing the astrological work takes time as well. Please plan to have your astrological planning done well in advance so that you have ample amount of time to plan your event. The report takes 7-10 business days on average to get back via PDF. If you need it sooner, you're always welcome to purchase an upgrade!