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Crystal Healing Kit

Tumbled and raw crystals can be used for many things. You can use them for spell work, spiritual work, meditation, and more. Each stone serves a purpose and can help you on your spiritual journey. This healing kit comes with 7 crystals to aide you on your spiritual journey and work.

Each kit comes with a free velvet pouch for safe keeping!

Sunstone (tumbled) - is an invigorating and high energy stone. Linked to both the sacral and sole plexus chakras, this stone is perfect for alleviating depression, boosting confidence, and energizing your spirit. The Sunstone also relieves feelings of failure, allowing you to accept that mistakes are part of learning. Instills self-confidence and self-worth as well as optimism.

Serpentine (tumbled) - is a great stone for bringing balance to your system. Since it is green, serpentine is wonderful for the Heart chakra, but it also clears all of the chakras and opens the crown chakra to receive higher wisdom. This stone is also perfect for boosting creativity!

Blue Calcite (tumbled) - is perfect for effective communication, opening the throat chakra. It also helps clear the air and allows you to receive better and listen. Blue Calcite is useful for developing psychic abilities, especially psychic telepathy and psychic empathy.

Rainbow Fluorite (tumbled) - if you’re feeling stressed with a bit of chaos in life, then Rainbow Fluorite is what you need. Rainbow Fluorite is a good stone for focusing the mind, especially when dealing with complex issues. It flourishes under the pressure of chaos. It can give you the structure you need to reorganize and will keep your mind and spirit solid even around toxic people.

Raw Black Tourmaline - has its foundations with the root chakra, helping you find firm footing and balance. Grounds energy and increases physical vitality, dispersing stress and tension. Good for emotional stability and connection to the earth. This stone makes for a perfect protection stone as it forms a barrier around the user.

Desert Rose Selenite Bud - is a powerful cleansing stone. Selenite is often used to cleanse the spirit, physical self, and other crystals, no matter what state it is in. This stone is connected with the crown chakra which aides in your spiritual reception. Assists in connecting with your light body or soul, as well as connecting with the angelic and spiritual realms.

Labradorite (tumbled) - if you’re seeking to grow your spiritual and psychic gifts, then you’ll want labradorite! Related to the crown chakra and higher consciousness. It’s a very mystical stone that carries spiritual wisdom. It is also a highly protective stone that balances emotions and chakras as well as the subconscious and conscious mind. Helps protect the aura by creating a strong shield or barrier around a person.