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Altar Incense Resin

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Altar Incense Resin Blends are here!

They come in 1oz vials or adorable 2oz jars! Second picture shows the 2oz jars.

The burning of incense during rituals has long been a tradition as it symbolizes faith and prayers rising to the heavens. The aromatic scent also helps to induce a meditative state. My resin has been blended from frankincense, benzoin, and gum Arabic.

A roll of charcoal tablets is available as an add on for burning the resin.

Frankincense has a therapeutic effect as it stimulates the limbic part of the brain creating a sense of calm. Benzoin also has a very prayerful aroma and is believed to bring clarity and peace. And. . .the resin pieces are in the most adorable cork-topped glass jars (perfect for reusing).

Materials: Frankincense Resin, Benzoin Resin, Gum Arabic Resin.