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2023 Oracle Lunar Planner - DIGITAL


The 2023 Oracle Lunar Planneris a spellbinding planner incorporating a moon planner with rituals and tarot spreads to make 2023 your most magical year ever.

This planner is unlike any you’ve ever seen. It enhances your knowledge about the lunar cycles, astrology basics, and solar holidays. To help you navigate through the cosmic planner, there is a comprehensive guide to gently guide you along. And as an added bonus, we’ve included tarot spreads and space for you to write your mystical findings.

The planner includes:
  • lunar phases of each day of the year
  • planet sign transits and retrogrades
  • eclipses
  • void moon times in EST/PST
  • zodiac seasons
  • Year at a Glance chart to show the transits and New/Full Moons for the year.
  • An expanded guide that includes rituals for the solstices, equinoxes, and new/waxing and full/waning moons. There will also be tarot spreads that you can use as examples.
  • Guide to building a ritual and crystals/herbs to use with each zodiac sign.
  • Each month will have a coloring page and a mood tracker.
  • Each week will have a productivity checklist that you will use in conjunction with doing a tarot/oracle reading. It will help build your practice while guiding you on your tasks for the week!

Download yours and get started on planning 2023!