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About The Oracle's Haven

The Oracle’s Have was created as a space where you could be uniquely you. 

It began as a dream to sell botanical and metaphysical wares. Little did I know in 2019 that dream would become a reality after continued nudgings from Spirit and the support of an online makers’ community, Flourish. 

Listening with an open heart has allowed The Oracle’s Haven to evolve into an environment where people, especially those in Black, Latinx, POC, and LGBTQA+ communities, can feel comfortable, safe, and at ease. In addition to a boutique of your favorite cosmic, astrological, and zodiacal products, The Oracle’s Haven also provides a welcoming Facebook community. Eighteen months after our opening, The Oracle’s Haven has shifted to a place where cosmic and spiritual individuals can gather, shop for specialty wares, and feel safe. 

Our future vision includes expanding into a physical location near our Wake County, North Carolina home. A true safe space; a Haven. 

About the Founder

Anissa began her spiritual journey at the age of 13 following a suicide attempt. In the months that followed, she quickly realized there was a higher purpose for her life. She accepted the direction of Spirit, her Puerto Rican ancestors, and the wisdom of the Universe that has led her to where she is today. 

Our past experiences truly shape our lives.  Anissa is a self-taught graphic designer which she has used to support other business owners in their rebranding as well as in creating the designs you see featured in The Oracle’s Haven boutique. Her work as a tarot reader and spiritual advisor supports individuals on their path, regardless of whether they are just beginning their work or have been on their journey a while. 

She has a passion and desire to help people see the best in themselves. It’s become her mission to provide people with the tools and guidance needed to support them as they work through their shadows and live in the light.

Learn more about Anissa here!