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“The world can only seem a safe place when we feel safe inside.”

I’m a former minister, turned virtual assistant, turned graphic designer, content manager,(can you say multipassionate?) and current taro reader, spiritual coach, and metaphysical boutique and community owner.  

But you know what? Life is bigger than labels and titles, isn’t it? 

Maybe you feel the same way wondering how and where all the pieces fit together, and where YOUR purpose is in all of it.  

I have been visited by ghosts and spirits all my life. Being raised in a Catholic family, my spiritual connection with these entities wasn’t encouraged. This led to a lot of conflict, confusion, low self-esteem, and depression. At the age of 13, I tried to take my life. 

Spirit had other plans for me. I am here for a higher purpose. 

I was eager to learn more about what my purpose was and how spirituality was meant to play a role in my life. My ancestors are a powerful line of Tainos and brujas, or witches, and so I visited all the Botanicas, Wiccan festivals, and read everything I could find. 

Then I met a boy. I followed him into the Baptist Church where I got holy, saved, and sanctified! Needless to say, my devout Catholic grandfather said I broke his heart. He passed away a month after I was baptized as Protestant; the pain I felt following his loss threw me deeper into the Church (and into my relationship) looking for connection and wholeness. 

After the Darkness comes the Light

By 2014 I was a licensed minister, had two beautiful children, and was about to be married. But I realized I had been following someone blindly, and this person had been causing a lot of harm to myself, my fiancé, and my children. Through a lot of darkness and church trauma, I decided to leave the church, including my collar. I remained agnostic for the next few years. 

Through my husband Spirit directed me to begin joining him in his meditation practice.I was able to start over again and begin healing. 

Not only did Spirit decide to guide me in my healing and my practice, but also in building a thriving business for myself, my family, and the community I serve. (a nod of thanks to my Capricorn stellium in my 2nd house IYKYK)

I started teaching myself graphic design through YouTube videos, mentorship, and LOTS of practice. I launched my virtual assistance business which evolved into web design and content management. Spirit led me to integrate my astrology and tarot work into my business even more. As I helped my clients, my business continued o thrive. 

How it Started and How It’s Going

I’ve since put up an altar, continuing to incorporate more ancestral veneration into my life and business. My spiritual practice is rich because I decided to go with what feels right for ME, and not follow anyone else’s rules of how things should be done. 

The Oracle’s Haven is my heart right now, and I continue to focus on reading and offering spiritual coaching professionally. It has a deep impact on my clients both in their business and personal lives. Nothing makes me feel more complete! 

What I Believe

  • Spirit is always guiding you, no matter who you are. You need to be listening with an open heart and mind to receive the messages. 
  • There is no one way to be spiritual. If you have experienced trauma around spirituality, you can have healing and find peace. Spirit is welcoming and loving; your body will tell you the messages that resonate with you and guide you to the truth. 
  • There are many tools to facilitate and support our journey toward connection and wholeness with Spirit. 
  • All of our experiences - even the ones in darkness - shape us to who we are today. 
  • There is a Haven for you, a place of love and safety where you belong and are welcomed and celebrated.