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Custom Star Sign Print

A custom zodiac sign print is perfect for anyone who loves astrology and wants to put artwork up that is custom to them. Often people don't have all the details they need to do a full natal chart, which is why the custom star sign print was designed!

This unique custom zodiac print is made for you! It makes for the perfect momento, whether for you or as a gift to someone special. You won't find anything like it!

Our Metallic Astrology Birth Charts are printed on premium METALLIC paper. This metallic base adds a shimmer and vibrant colors. Highly reflective, glossy finish. They include a black 3mm styrene backing to prolong the life of the print.

There are three sizes available and 5 styles to choose from:
• 8x10"
• 11x14"
• 16x20"

Each print is made to order. Print in video is the Nebula Vintage style in metallic.

Chart & House System used: Placidus, Tropical Zodiac (Western Astrology)

Once the order has been placed, I will begin working on your birth chart print.
In about 7 business days, you will receive a draft to review. You are allowed 1 revision, so please make sure the information, names, and dates are accurate.
Once the draft is approved, the production time from print to mail is 2-3 business days. (This does not include time after the print has shipped).