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Why is prayer important?

by Anissa Cosby May 06, 2020 3 min read

Why is prayer important?

Are you remembering to maintain prayer as part of your spiritual practice? 

Over the years, I have noticed many of my spiritual friends, those who do not follow a particular religion or faith set, tend to speak a lot about meditation, work to clear their spiritual aura, and cleansing their energy. Still, they often leave out the idea of prayer. 

Yes, the pieces of mediation, sage, and crystals, are important pieces. But prayer should not be omitted from your daily practice.  

Prayer as Part of Conversation 

However you have come to believe in the higher being - whether God, Goddess, specific gods or goddesses you believe in, the Universe, or Spirit - you have an understanding that there is something higher that has given us the ability to connect to Source and to each other. 

If you understand meditation to be the act of receiving, then prayer is the other half of the conversation. Prayer is the acknowledgement and the asking. Think about your friend who is always waiting for you to make the effort - make the call, initiate the invitation to coffee - it can be tiresome. Luckily, Spirit is pretty patient with us! 

But still, we should be acknowledging Spirit’s presence and work within our lives. Prayer gives us the opportunity to speak to them, let them know we acknowledge their presence, that we are grateful for what we have, that we are here, and that we are receptive to any messages they have for us. . 

Prayer as Part of Mediation

If you are curious where you might place prayer into your daily life, my suggestion would be to connect it with your mediation practice. Remember I referred to it as part of a conversation. So liken prayer to your speaking acknowledgement, asking for what you might need or be concerned about, and sharing news. If you practice ancestral work as I do, this might be a time to connect to those before you and your guides. 

The mediation will then follow as the receiving part of the conversation. You will have opened up the channel and prepared your mind and heart to receive any messages that may be waiting for you. 

While I want to stress there is no right or wrong way to pray, I do want to encourage you to pray aloud when you can, even if it’s a whisper. Some people may want to have an internal thought dialogue. And while this is better than nothing, because it is creating a habit and practice, really begin to use your voice in your prayers. 

Giving verbal action to your prayer practice allows what you speak to come into the physical world - and that includes those things you are grateful for and those things you are asking for resolution with. Spirit and Universe need to know you are ready and serious to listen to them, and voice is an excellent way to express this. 

Prayer as Part of You

If you aren’t comfortable with beginning your journey with prayer, I encourage you to seek support. Especially those who may be coming from an adverse church or religious experience may be hesitant to begin a prayer practice. I myself came from a Christian upbringing, and I was taught to believe prayer had to be very formal and specific. 

As I have grown in my spiritual practice I have learned it’s really more than okay to be informal and to be yourself. Your spirit guides, God, your ancestors - they all know you intimately already, so they know who you are and how you talk. I encourage you just to be real with them. If you are particularly frustrated and you pepper in some curse words, then go ahead! Think of it like therapy with someone you trust and who wants the very best for you. 

If you are spending time building your spiritual life, prayer needs to be part of the conversation. The more you acknowledge Spirit, the more ways you can acknowledge the way Sprit is showing up for you. Remember your guides are already there for you; they leave you signs and messages all the time. Sometimes we neglect to take notice because we aren’t paying attention. 

Prayer can make use more alert to blessings, situations, and the relationship as to why things are happening. I encourage you just to begin the daily practice of acknowledgement and conversation and begin to see Spirit working in your life. 

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