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What's the Big Deal with Mercury Retrograde?

by Anissa Cosby March 06, 2019 1 min read

What's the Big Deal with Mercury Retrograde?

What's the big deal with Mercury Retrograde?

In my honest opinion, Mercury Retrograde (Rx) gets a bad rap. We blame everything that could possibly go wrong on the Rx when really, the true nature of a Mercury Rx is to bring our attention to things we've been trying to ignore or bury deep inside.

During any Mercury Rx (which happens at least 3x a year), it is the perfect time to spend 3.5 weeks reflecting on things that no longer serve you, how to cleanse them from your life, and make room for better things to fill its place. During a Mercury Rx, you may not be able to make the best decisions, as our emotions are heightened beyond belief, but you can really dig deep into why something is triggering you or causing you to reflect.

Mercury Retrograde is a time where our emotions are heightened!

Has anything triggered you lately? Do you feel immediately upset about something someone said? Think deeper as to why it triggered you. Is it because of the person, or a belief you may have over yourself? Now is the time to really assess ALL that comes into our lives and gets us into our emotions.

If you've been feeling like you want to dive deeper into your intuition, now is the perfect time to practice. Meditate, journal, do whatever it takes to get quiet and really work on listening to your Inner Guidance System (IGS). The timing and alignment of it all is PERFECT.

Feeling out of sorts and not sure where or what to focus on during this Mercury Rx?

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