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The Last Resort

by Anissa Cosby April 04, 2019 3 min read

What does "The Last Resort" mean to you?

Is it the moment when you've hit rock bottom and realized that there's no place to go but up? That you know you have to make a decision to change SOMETHING but no clue what that something is?

Is it when you've tried fixing things yourself, meditated more, prayed more, tried manifesting, and when that didn't work, you gave up and said "fuck it, I'm done."?

Are you looking for the Last Resort when you've realized that nothing is going the way you planned but you know that there is SOMETHING you can do to change it, but can't figure out what that something is?

Sure, you're making money. Sure, you've got a pretty stable life. To the outside world, it looks like you've got it all together.

When you're at this point, of wondering how you can get up off the ground, most of the time it's your spirituality and faith being tested. Especially when it seems like you've almost got it together, except for everything INSIDE. 

Deep down inside, you're screaming. You're drowning. You're beginning to wonder if you're suffering from anxiety and/or depression, and those thoughts turn you down a spiral and...


Think about what you would consider the Last Resort. Who would you turn to during this time? A spouse, a friend, a family member, a coach, a therapist, a guide...

What if you had no one to turn to?

Or so you thought...

When you feel alone, a lightworker is here to help you. As your Spiritual Therapist, your Spiritual Counselor, and your Spiritual Guide. Whether that is me, or someone else, seek solace in knowing that we are all over the world with the sole purpose of healing people like you.

Lightworkers, healers, Spiritual Therapists, or however we call ourselves, are here to help you through these moments where you feel like you are done and tired of trying to figure things out yourself. Often we are the Last Resort, because most of the time, people don't realize they need spiritual help until it's too late.

How can a Lightworker help you?

They help you by interceding on your behalf. They guide you, coach you, and teach you how to build up your spirituality and spiritual practice. They pray and meditate for you. They divine messages (such as Tarot Reading) and guide you on what steps you can take to come out of rock bottom and move toward your soul purpose.

When you feel like you've done all you can, we are here to help uplift you. I wasn't kidding when I said we are your spiritual therapists. Unload your emotions, your grief, and all the negative things you've been telling yourself unto us. We transmute that into positive energy; light. We are here to reassure you that things will get better and we help you get there.

We give you the tools that will become a life long practice that you can use. We don't leave you hanging. We don't just heal and run! We make sure you get it. We make sure you're able to listen to your intuition, pray and meditate, and have a spiritual practice. Our goal is to instill life long practices inside you!

Are you at rock bottom? Are you seeking for your Last Resort? If you are at a point right now where you need clarity and confirmation of how to rise up, then I encourage you to book a tarot reading. If you feel compelled, feel free to check them out here.

Blessed Be,


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