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The Difference Between Raw & Tumbled Crystals

by Anissa Cosby November 19, 2019 2 min read

The Difference Between Raw & Tumbled Crystals

What’s the difference Between Tumbled & Raw Crystals?

Often times I receive questions about the difference between tumbled and raw crystals. Some people prefer tumbled because they look prettier and others like raw crystals because they look more natural. But other than their outward appearance, what are other differences between the two and does it matter?

The big difference between tumbled and raw crystals is their energy. Before we get into this, let's talk about the tumbling process.

When raw crystals are tumbled to a smooth surface, they are added to a tumbling machine for weeks on end.

Due to this, some of their energies are lost in the process. Additionally, it is common that most crystal retailers will tumble different but similar crystals together at the same time in order to save time. Because of this, some tumbled crystals may also have added attributes of the crystals they’ve been tumbled with.

TIP: When buying tumbled crystals, be sure to ask the retailer if they’ve been tumbled with other crystals or only the same kind.

(And as a note, the tumbled crystals offered atThe Oracle’s Haven are only tumbled with the same crystals and not mixed with others.)

Keep in mind that while tumbled crystals have less energy than raw crystals, your cleansing and charging process can enhance the energy! Tumbled crystals are most commonly used for jewelry, keepsakes, collectables, and crystal grids.

Raw crystals have more potent energy!

This is because they do not go through the tumbling process. While they may not look as pretty as tumbled stones, their energy is definitely more potent. They are called “raw” because they are mined, cleaned, and then sold. So there is much less energetic play in between. Raw crystals tend to be more affordable and can be bought at larger sizes because they do not go through the tumbling process. I personally prefer to use raw crystals because they feel very good to me. They vibrate at a higher frequency!

Raw crystals are most commonly used in spell work, manifestation, to charge other crystals, juju bags, and more. If you desire to make a big impact with your spiritual work, I highly recommend raw crystals.

Put it to the test!

I encourage you to get both a tumbled and raw version of your favorite crystal. Hold them both in each hand and see if you can feel the differences between the two. Does one resonate better than the other? What do they feel like? Jot down the differences and see what comes up for you! You’ll be surprised at what you find.

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