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On the fence about getting a tarot reading?

by Anissa Cosby April 25, 2019 2 min read

On the fence about getting a tarot reading?

On the fence about getting a tarot reading?

I often receive a lot of questions about how a tarot reading can help and what it can do for the person receiving the reading. Tarot Readings can help you sort out any areas of stress, make informed decisions, and give you perspective of what’s to come.

I could go on and on about the benefits, because there are a lot, but I'll start by giving you the low down on some results that my own clients have had in the time after they've had their reading.

✨ They received clarity on their goals so they can take action on them to make real life changes.

✨ By receiving confirmation through their tarot reading, two of my clients went ahead and started new businesses that are flourishing now.

✨ Insight on the current state of their business energy, how to clear business blocks, and action steps they need to take to help their business flourish.

✨ Spiritual clarity on themselves as a person, how they can clear personal blocks, and flourish because of this knowledge.

✨ Learned how to listen to their intuition to make better decisions that have turned their lives around.

When I read tarot, I do more than just explain the cards. I give real actionable steps, coaching, and guidance on what you can do with your reading results. Ultimately, what you do after receiving your reading is up to you. However, when my advice and guidance is taken, you'll find things really shifting and breaking through for you.

I offer readings for both business and personal reasons.

You can purchase a reading here!

If you're still on the fence about getting a reading, shoot me a message! Let's chat and I'll help answer any questions you may have.

Light, Love, Peace and Happiness,
Anissa, The Oracle

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