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Latest Kickstarter Project: "The WTFs of Astrology"

by Anissa Cosby March 10, 2022 3 min read

Latest Kickstarter Project: "The WTFs of Astrology"

"Yo, WTF is going on right now?"

If we’re being honest, we’ve all asked ourselves this question when the energy feels heavy and intense. We wonder “WTF” as we realize patterns are happening for a period of time. We wonder “WTF” as we realize a dip in energy or a sudden rise in energy. And of course, we ask “what planet is in Gatorade right ?!” when things feel wild and crazy. We know it’s energetic. We know it’s celestial and cosmic. But what we don’t know is WTF is going on with which planet or celestial object. Which one is giving us the heebie jeebies? Which one has us all F'd up in the head?

This guide is here to explain to you WTF is going on and how to understand it.

Think of this guide as a survivor's guide. A mini-field guide that you can put in your virtual “pocket” and take with you. As you realize certain energies and symptoms, you can refer back to this guide for a quick lookie loo so that you can know WTF is happening at that moment.

Is this guide a catch-all and be all? No. There’s way too much astrology knowledge to put it all in one book or guide, although many have tried.

This guide is meant to be short and concise to help you get the information you need, right when you need it. No over-explaining here! Why would you want a survivor’s guide that makes you read tons of pages? It’s a survivor’s guide!

WTF does this guide include?

This field guide is broken into the basics:

  • How to understand your birth chart
  • Astrology Basics like planets, celestial objects, and zodiac signs
  • Specifically how to use Moon Energy
  • Additional tools to help you out
  • Plus some cheat sheets you can use for super quick reference

Let’s take the stress out of figuring it all out and get the bite sized pieces we need. Ya know a “eat the meat, leave the bones” kinda thing.

Why it's worth the investment:

We've all seen books that are "beginner's" but go into a mouthful of what astrology is. They go above and beyond and try to fit all of astrology into one book. While for some, this is helpful, for many it can feel overwhelming. As someone who is neurodivergent with Bipolar 2 (that adds a taste of ADHD with it), I need books that are short and to the point. I can't tell you how many books I've left on the table because it was too much information to process. It felt too technical.

The purpose of "The WTFs of Astrology" is to ease us into astrology. I'm not throwing out all the big words and going into minor things that are too much to understand. I'm explaining how to figure out the things that affect us the most. Astrology is a big practice and it definitely takes time to learn. My guide is simply meant to be an easy to digest quick read. It's cheeky, lends to some humor, and will really get you figuring out how the cosmos truly get to us in our core.

You'll find that as you giggle your way through this guide, you'll notice the learning happening. If you have questions? The cheat sheets at the end are great for quick reference. Need some passing reading while at the doctor's office? This guide is PORTABLE. It's not meant to be large. At 5.5"x8.5", you'll be happy with it!

Main Goals

  • We are looking to raise $2,500 to help bring these books to life. They are going to be self-published!
  • We want to publish at least 100 copies to get these out in the world.
  • The $2,500 will go toward the publishing, shipping, rewards, and Kickstarter fees.

Stretch Goals

  • $3,000 will allow us to upgrade to premium color interior pages. Right now they are expected to print on standard color pages.
  • $3,500 will allow us to upgrade to hardcover copies which will help these books last even more!


  • All pledges $1 or more will receive lots of love and appreciation!
  • All pledges $10 or more will receive a PDF copy of "The WTFs of Astrology.
  • All pledges $25 or more will receive a soft cover copy of "The WTFs of Astrology" guide.
  • Buy 2 and save $5 when you pledge $45 or more!
  • Pledging $100 or more will get you a fun box of goodies: "The WTFs of Astrology", Vinyl MoonGuy sticker, MoonGuy Journal, MoonGuy Enamel Pin

As we meet our goals and stretch goals, more rewards will become available.

Thank you so much for your support!!


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