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How to Use the Oracle Box in Your Moon Rituals

by Anissa Cosby July 06, 2020 7 min read

How to Use the Oracle Box in Your Moon Rituals

This post is shared from a  Facebook Live video I did during my ritual during the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn during July 2020. I am excited to share all of the contents within  The Oracle Box and explain how you can begin using it for your rituals. I am also taking the moon’s powerful energy tonight to make some black salt, so I will share how to do that as well. 

The Oracle Box is a comprehensive, all-inclusive altar box curated especially for you. I worked closely with BIPOC and ally artisans to source handcrafted EMF protection candles, meditation tea, essential oil blends, Florida water, charcoal tablets, and crystals. I added my blend of incense altar resin. It comes packaged ready-to-use with a beautiful altar cloth and a hand-stained keepsake wooden box. While many of these items can be used during a full moon ritual, like tonight, they can be used individually during your spiritual practice. 

The Full Moon Ritual 

Preparation of Your Altar

I usually prepare my altar space by laying out my  altar cloth. This is generally done mostly as a sign of respect to show your reverence for Spirit and the Gods and Goddesses you are working with. I also have all of my tools ready: tonight I have an  EMF protection candle that helps during prayers and while setting intentions. These candles help ground you and protect your energy and the field around you to help keep everything sacred. I pull cards during my rituals, so if you have a favorite  oracle card or tarot deck, have those accessible. Of course, I have a bunch of goodies and crystals here that we'll be charging. 

I will sometimes also have a sage and lavender bundle, which I will light to help me cleanse the space. Sage and cinnamon is another popular bundle people use for clearing, depending on the intention. For this particular ceremony, I will forego those because I am choosing to use  altar incense instead. 

Also, on my altar, I have a fire-safe bowl that I use for burning and rinsing. Tonight I have small charcoal tablets I am going to use almost like an accelerant to help burn the papers and incense.

The altar incense is a resin-blend created by me. It contains frankincense (one of my favorite scents!), benzoin, and gum Arabic. The burning of incense during rituals has long been a tradition that symbolizes faith and prayers rising to the heavens. The aromatic scent also helps to induce a meditative state. Together these create calm, peace, and clarity. 

The Releasing Ceremony

To release feelings or energy to Spirit, I write these down on paper. You may have your practice, but this does not have to be anything fancy. (I use sticky-notes because they are easy). I simply write down whatever it is I want to let go of, and I take that slip of paper and burn it in a fire-safe bowl. 

I will note the full moon tonight is in Capricorn, so think of ideas like planning, commitments, goals. Remember, you sometimes have to release certain things to honor your commitments. And as you are doing this ritual, ask yourself, "What can I let go of to honor the commitments set before me and take my goals to the next level?" 

To help you get started, I will share a few of mine: 

  • Fear of success. A lot of the time, my fear of success is what keeps me behind. I think many of us feel this way at times, but I know this is something I need to release to allow for the realization of my big dreams. 
  • A full cup. So this comes from the idea that if you have a full cup and try to add more, it will naturally spill out. So for me, I like to release first so that my cup isn't full. And when my cup is no longer full, then I have the room to welcome more in. 
  • Procrastination. Neflix anyone? I think trying to work from home or work around a husband and kids at home is challenging for anyone. Still, I release the urge to procrastinate and just stick to my goals instead. 
  • Low self-confidence. Even as a business owner, it is possible that I lose confidence in myself at times. And I know I'm not alone in that, and it's okay to admit you want more self-esteem professionally. 
  • Fear of missing out. I am releasing this because I know when I am busy trying to strive for my dreams, I sometimes feel or fear that I'm going to be missing out on things. This ties in a lot to comparing yourself to others in business who may be launching products or coming up with offerings; maybe you could do that too. But I want to encourage you to release that and hold steadfast to your goals.

Setting Your Intentions

Once you have released everything, and you are satisfied that is complete, you can transition to manifesting. Usually, your manifesting and intention setting is done on the new moon. However, with all the planetary mojo going on right now, today's a good day to manifest as well. So I am going to include this in our moon ritual tonight. 

You can set whatever intention you want to manifest. Start with a simple prayer of thanks for the blessing of God or Goddess or Spirit or whoever you choose to believe. But thank them for watching over us and keeping us safe, and then share your pure intention. I also thank Her for all the amazement going on in the planets right now. I ask for continued guidance in our manifestations to make our dreams and realities come true. 

Since I performed this ritual on July 4th, American Independence Day, I chose to ask God for freedom for all freedom, especially all the people that are in this country. Still, they're not free and what's most important right now. I ask for true freedom for all. I will use my blessing oil (I recommend  this one from Afro Mystic - they are amazing!) 

While there are many different ways to do this particular intention setting piece, I write down all my intentions, place them in a jar, and let it sit there for a month until the next moon. Then I burn them at the next moon. So that I give it time to manifest. Keep that in mind when you're writing your intentions. 

Making Black Salt as Part of Your Moon Ritual

Why Use Black Salt

Black salt is a perfect way to banish negative energies. It's a protection spell, in a way, to keep yourself and your home and your space protected and to act as a barrier. I will use black salt in my car to keep my car safe from car accidents, or around my doorstep and windows. 

The full moon is a good time because you want to release negative energy while you're doing it. 

Making black salt by hand is therapeutic because you have to grind down like the peppercorn and the salt and everything. I start with the charcoal ash and white kosher salts because of their purification properties. I add these to a mortar and pestle set along with some peppercorn and just start to grind it down and mix it in. (I'll note you could use ground black pepper here if you wanted the easy route; it's effective and won't take away your witch-card).

As you break down the peppercorns, ash, and salt and blend during this process, say a simple prayer to get rid of negative energy and banish anything that's unwanted in the space.

I imagine myself breaking down all the stuff that's like no longer for me: people that would wish me harm, any spell work or hexes that may have been put against me, any negative thoughts that I have for myself, and any negative thoughts that anybody else may have for me that is trying to keep me back. Banish those that don't seek out Goodwill and release them from my life. 

When you have finished creating a powder, you can put it in little mojo bags; I sometimes use reusable teabags. I then place them in the doorway and window sills. And as I do this, I smack them to release a little of the smoke or powder dust, without it being too much. And so I can get full protection without wasting everything so quickly. This is part of every full moon ritual for me. 

Other Cleansing Tools

If you aren’t inclined to make your own black salt,  Florida water is another spiritual tool that has been used for over a hundred years. I use mine in a spritz bottle because I do like to let it rain down on me. Bonus: it smells fantastic! While some people use it as a cologne or perfume, the actual use is for cleansing and blessing. 

If I want to cleanse a space, I will spray it with Florida water. I have done this around my ancestor altar and my altar tools. But I will mention, it can be added to an everyday cleaning solution to cleanse your house and clean it at the same time. This is a convenient application if you are looking for a non-smoke alternative to something like smudging. Those who live in apartments or are sensitive to smoke or lighting sage may benefit from Florida water. 


If you have enjoyed learning more about releasing and manifesting during the moon cycles and want to add some of these rituals into your spiritual practice, I have a limited number of  complete Oracle Box sets available, or many of the  items can be purchased a la carte. You are also welcome to  join the Oracle Spiritual Collective. In this group, share more about astrology, oracle readings, and spiritual growth and practices in a safe, private, Facebook community of like-minded folx. 

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