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Do you suffer from "Copycat Syndrome"?

by Anissa Cosby July 11, 2019 2 min read

Do you suffer from "Copycat Syndrome"?

Hello Wonderful Folx!

Do you suffer from "Copycat Syndrome"?

We often hear the term "Imposter Syndrome" where we don't believe we are good enough or that we feel like an imposter. But what about "copycat syndrome"?

Copycat syndrome is when we see other successful people and assume that if we copy what they are doing, then it'll work for us too.

Do you see the problem with this?

I was victim of copycat syndrome for a long time. I knew what goals I had for myself and my business, however, I saw other more successful people and thought "what if I just do what they're doing? Maybe that'll work for me!" and guess what? It didn't.

That was because I wasn't watering my own grass. Instead, I let my grass dry up while I admired theirs.

The same could be said when I was single, unhappy of being alone, and envied others for being in beautiful relationships. Maybe if I just do what they did to get into their relationships, it would work for me? Nope. That didn't work either.

Then, while I was depressed and angry at dealing with the trauma I'd suffered, I'd look at others who have been through worse but seemed so much better off... Could I try what they tried? Would it work for me? All I had to go on was what I could SEE, not all the inner workings and behind the scenes shit that we go through when healing...

Little did I know then, that there was a lot more that came with success, relationships, and healing than what I observed on the outside.

The same can be said when we desire or envy what others have. We look at their lawn and see how beautiful it looks, but often don't realize all the toiling that was done. All the weeds that had to be pulled and removed. All the shit (fertilizer) that went into growing such a beautiful lawn.

We can have aspirations and people we look up too. But we have to be willing to do the work. We have to be willing to do whatever we can and learn whatever we need to get our grass just as green as someone else. Your dirt might be different than theirs and need a different type of seed.

So tell me. Have you been stuck admiring someone else lawn for too long? What have you done to keep yours fresh, watered, and taken care of?

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