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Are your cards stalking you?!

by Anissa Cosby July 15, 2021 1 min read

Are your cards stalking you?!

Let’s talk about Stalker cards.

Have you ever had a specific card pop up in almost ALL your readings? Like for whatever reason, it keeps coming up? You can even redo the entire reading and that pesky card still shows up!! 😡😑

So what does this mean?

This usually means that your deck needs to be cleared. When cards start to repeat themselves, it’s almost like when a vinyl gets stuck in the record player. It skips, skips, skips, and repeat. It’s usually a good idea to cleanse your deck at least once a week because it will take on the energy of your readings and hold them inside.

You can cleanse your decks in a few different ways. The main way is to organize the deck into its original order. If it’s a tarot deck, then you’d put it back in order, Major Arcana (0-21) and each suit in order (Ace-King). If it’s an oracle deck, which are usually numbered, you can put it in order. You can then use a cleansing tool to cleanse each card. Sage is a popular option, where you light the sage and allow the smoke to cover the cards. I’d run each card through the smoke to make sure all the energy is clear. Another option is using selenite and allow it to touch each card.

Doing this will help open the flow of energy and stop the repeating cards from stalking you! Have questions? Let me know!

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