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5 Things I learned About Growing a Spiritual Practice

by Anissa Cosby March 25, 2019 2 min read

5 Things I learned About Growing a Spiritual Practice

Did you know I used to be a licensed minister for two years?

While being a minister in a Christian Church wasn’t my ultimate purpose, I learned a lot about service and helping others heal. I learned a lot about building a Spiritual Practice along the way as well.

As a minister, praying over people, giving them spiritual guidance, and helping them through their toughest moments was an every day job. It was something I enjoyed doing, and still do to this day. Briefly, I left everything spiritual behind, encountering a few years of spiritual darkness. This revolved around a lot of shadow work, working on the things unseen in my soul.

In October of 2018, I had a breakdown. Sobbing on the bathroom floor, I found myself realizing that I was not happy. Not because I wasn’t grateful for what had been provided to me at that point, but because I knew deep down in my soul, that I wasn’t living up to my purpose. Something felt off, disconnected, and lost.

That’s when I made the decision to work on my soul, my spirit, and get connected with Spirit again. For the months following, I spent a lot of time reading my cards, communing with Spirit, and meditating. I am not traditional by any means. Meditation was often done in the shower, or sitting on the floor with my feet up the wall! Whenever I could get a quiet moment, that’s when I “meditated.” And a lot of this honed in my intuition.

That’s when I finally was able to hear my calling clearly. Just as when I was a minister, I knew that my purpose was to serve others. To help them grow spiritually and heal the wounds left on their souls. I also learned how important it was to make sure your purpose was aligned with your business. Your business is an energy, and you have to make sure you’re balanced with it!

That's why I decided to share what I've learned about building a spiritual practice during my time as a minister, because I feel like it applies in many ways, regardless of faith.

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