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5 Simple Ways You Can Set Up Your Meditation Space

by Anissa Cosby May 10, 2019 3 min read

5 Simple Ways You Can Set Up Your Meditation Space

Hello Wonderful Folx!

I wanted to share with you my simple meditation space. As a busy mom of three, plus being a business of owner of two businesses, time is TIGHT. I keep all my work in one location, which makes it a bit easier to set up my meditation and spiritual space.

When I take time to meditate, I use the same desk that I do all my design work on. I just move my laptop off the desk! I lay a cloth (that I got from Walmart for 5 dollars), and place all my items on it that I use for the meditation. Because I want to save time, I keep it simple.

I'm working on my root chakra, so I place my crystals for that chakra only, my Coyote Totem, my Bast, and Goddess totems. My deck that I use for personal use only, plus a candle and some sage. Sometimes I add incense! And of course my journal. It literally takes me 5 minutes to set up. I have a salt lamp in the corner on a shelf and turn off the lights to set the atmosphere even more, but again that's not necessary if you don't have it.

I plug in my headphones to my phone, choose my meditation and light the sage to clear my energy. And then off I go! I meditate, afterward I put on some soothing music (or sometimes forest sounds), and pull a card for the day. A beautiful message from Spirit to me. I journal what I felt during the meditation and what the card means to me. I say thank you, and call it a day!

The whole process takes up to 30 minutes. But that's because I write slowly. I believe if I used a computer to journal, I'd probably get it done sooner. The meditation itself is about 10 minutes long.

5 Simple Ways You Can Set Up Your Meditation Space

1. Lay out a cloth or pillow case on the table. This can help if you're burning incense and don't want to get ash on the table. It also helps the space feel more cozy. Of course, this is not a hard requirement!

2. Use a candle that matches your intention. I used an intuition candle that helps me with meditations. But if you're working on specific chakras, you can use colors for specific chakras to guide you.

3. Incense really helps set the mood! But if you're sensitive to the smoke, you can use an oil diffuser.

4. Crystals help enhance the meditation, especially if you're meditating with a specific intent. You don't need huge crystals! Simple smaller ones are fine too. I personally love this Tesh Care Crystal Box Set found on Amazon. It comes with crystals for each chakra, plus intention oil that I put in my diffuser.

5. Lastly, YOU are the most important part of your meditation. Yes you can have wonderful, grand spaces, or you can have smaller and mroe quaint spaces. The most important part is that you bring your energy to the meditation space. Enhance it with some sage, and you're good to go!

So I just wanted to share and show you that we don't need to complicate things when setting the atmosphere to meditate or pray. Often we see images of people with grand spaces, altars, and the like. And while yes, that is beautiful to have, if you're limited on time and space, the simple is fine too.

After all, it's your intention behind it. Quality over quantity!



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