Law of Attraction 101

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I have the privilege of sharing with you the amazing goodness that is Amanda Rose. In today’s blog post, she shares the basics of the Law of Attraction and busts some myths about it all. You can learn more about this amazing woman toward the bottom of the post. If you haven’t heard, she has an amazing book titled Manifesting on Purpose which is the bomb dot com! It has already transformed my life in many ways.

Now, on to the yummy blog we have in store!

The Law of Attraction 101

The Law of Attraction is highly misinterpreted. All too often I hear someone proclaim, “I just can’t manifest.” That’s simply not true, we are all manifesting 24/7 from our birth’s to our death’s (and beyond, but that’s another discussion). The thing is, we don’t manifest consciously – we manifest subconsciously.

Let’s take a look…

The first thing we have to look at with Law of Attraction is the basis of how it works. The law states, everything in the Universe is energy, and energy attracts like energy. You can look at this from a scientific, spiritual, or even psychological point of view. Whatever you focus on you’ll attract into your life, be it through an energetic attraction or because what we think about we act on; either way, it happens.

Thoughts Become things… but which thoughts?

Subconscious thoughts rule the kingdom of manifestation AKA the kingdom of your life. This is why we see frustrated people throwing up their hands in the air, frustrated, feeling powerless. They are trying to manifest using conscious thoughts, and that doesn’t work. To manifest purposefully we have to get our subconscious mind and conscious mind on the same page.

Let’s say, for example, you’re trying to manifest more money into your life. You start using some Law of Attraction tools like visualization and gratitude, and yet, you still have tumbleweeds in your bank account. Now is the time to examine your root beliefs. Consciously you may want more money, understanding it will help you to experience life is a more fulfilling way, yet deep down? That’s another story.

Let’s say your parents often quarreled over money and it scared you as a child. That could have formed a subconscious belief that money is scary. Our subconscious priority is love and safety. Anything that jeopardizes that we’ll push away. That means diving into the inner work of healing old wounds, and re-writing your story so that your subconscious and conscious mind are on the same page.

Where’s the trouble?

Your first step in moving forward is going through all of the major areas of life, family, love, health, finances, career, etc. and rating them on a scale of 1 to 10. A 1 is “it couldn’t possibly be worse” and 10 is, “It’s the best I can imagine it!”. Anything less than a 9 needs examining. Ask yourself what you experienced as a child in those areas. What did you observe, hear, and perceive about these subjects during those formative years?

A New Story

Once you have those pieces of information you can then re-write the story from an adult perspective. Using out money example, “I realize now that my parents fought over money because they never had much and they were scared. I understand I don’t have to live like that, that the yelling was never about me, and that I can have money and that I am capable of handling it.”

Now, Use the Tools

As soon as you’ve done the inner work (and keep at it, old beliefs are like weeds – they love to crop back up!) then you can do the action steps, such as gratitude, visualizing, meditation, journaling, affirmations, etc. and they will be powerful because your in total alignment in believing what you’re saying!

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About Amanda Rose

Amanda Rose is a multi-published author, business & mindset coach, motivational speaker, actor, and online course creator. It’s her mission to shift human consciousness to create soulful abundance through mindset practices. She resides in Kingston ON, Canada, with her husband and their 3 cats.

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