Tarot Spread for Mercury Retrograde

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Hello Sweet Souls!

Mercury Retrograde is a time where we need to focus on ourselves. With Mercury ruling over ALL communications, we might not make as clear decisions as we want to.

A Mercury Retrograde reading will help you decipher what you should focus on during the next 3.5 weeks so that you can come out on top after the fact.

While it’s best to have your reading done at least 2 days prior to Mercury Retrograde, it’s never too late to have it done. Even if you’re already in the middle of the retrograde and need some guidance!

Before you get started with your reading, here are some steps you should take before doing your reading:

  1. Prior to performing your reading, make sure that you’re in a quiet place and have casted a circle around your space. The purpose of this is to keep negative energy out and to keep it from swaying your reading. This also protects you and allows you to get real quiet with Spirit.
  2. If you have sage, light some sage to clear the air and clear the cards.
  3. Set the intention that you want to clear your spiritual blocks and that you’d like Spirit to assist you with clearing those blocks.
  4. Shuffle the cards until you feel content and ready to stop.
  5. Perform your reading!
  6. After your reading, remember to thank Spirit (Goddess) for giving you Her wisdom.
  7. Clear off any residual energy. I like to shake myself a bit and I have selenite to hold on to in order to ground my energy. You can also lightly meditate on the reading results as well. This is the time to also open your circle to release that energy as well.

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