Overcoming Mom Guilt as a Business Owner

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Overcoming Mom Guilt as a Business Owner

“Hold on, I’ll be right there…”

“Wait just a minute,” I murmured as I typed feverishly on my laptop. Soft taps on my shoulder and whines accosted me, taking me out of focus. “Yes, yes? What’s up?” I said turning to innocent little eyes looking back to me. My 3-year old daughter wanted my attention, or rather, needed it. Turns out, she was hungry and it was past lunch time! Guilt settled in as I went to make her a sandwich. How could I have forgotten lunch! I thought to myself. My heart felt heavy. SIGH… The guilt was real. The challenge here: overcoming mom guilt.

Overcoming Mom Guilt is Hard!

Up until March 2017, I worked outside of the home. I worked full time as an administrative fieldwork assistant. My oldest was in school and after school programs, while my youngest two stayed with my mother-in-law or my husband. My youngest was born in September 2016 and it became harder going back to work! Because he’s nursing, I felt guilty leaving each day and leaving him with a bottle of milk instead of it being fresh from the tap. When March rolled around and it was time for us to move, I decided to stay home with the kids instead of returning to work. I had a side hustle business doing graphic design, and I decided to see if I could make an income from home. Here, I thought that as long as I was working from home, that I wouldn’t feel as guilty. Boy was I wrong!

Working From Home Didn’t Ease My Mom Guilt.

As I ventured into being a Virtual Business Manager, life got busier. Networking and getting my name out there became a high priority. It paid off! I started to sign on clients and meet new people. The bad news? I began feeling like I was neglecting my children. We all know the telltale signs. Are these words familiar? “Wait,” “just another minute,” “I’m almost done,” “I’ll be right there.” This became a frequent part of my vocabulary. At times, lunch time would roll around and I would quickly give them lunch and return to work without feeding myself. It became something where even my husband would tell me “get off the computer for just a little and eat something!” As disappointment rendered on my kids face each time I told them to “wait,” the guilt settled hard. I needed to find ways to overcome guilt and find balance.

Overcoming Mom Guilt is Possible!

The key to overcoming mom guilt is finding balance. When my kids need attention, I’m learning to step away from the computer to give it to them. Granted, I don’t turn around every time I hear them bicker. Yeah, no. That’s not happening! If they’re neither dead nor dying, they’re fine. But if it’s genuine, then they have me. My youngest is still nursing, so I welcome a break every few hours to sit and nurse him. It gives me a mental break from work and reminds me to be present. As I learn balance, my mom guilt is starting to subside. All in all, we shouldn’t feel guilty for pursuing a better life for our family. Taking breaks and minding the kids are crucial to finding balance. It’s something that I am still learning but know I will find as time goes on.

Are you struggling with Mom Guilt?

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